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CarbonCool® Solutions

Innovative Body Cooling Solutions For Today's Challenges

CarbonCool® System is safe, imaging-friendly and electrode-compatible, utilizing the MPad™ system in a thermal enclosure to enhance cooling efficiency. The MPad™ enables cooling passively after pre-cooling in a freezer, resulting in a low-cost and portable, rapid body cooling system.

MPad™ Enables Rapid Passive Cooling

The MPad™ is the heart of the CarbonCool® system. Made from a flexible yet durable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), it encases a proprietary carbon-based cooling medium, capable of delivering outstanding heat exchange at 35W/mK, while also being non-toxic and environmentally friendly. MPad™ melts evenly compared to typical cooling solutions like ice and water, resulting in minimal insulation and an efficient cooling process. MPad™ has the highest efficacy when frozen and firmly in contact with the patient’s skin. Cooling duration can be improved with the addition of the CarbonCool® XTend™.

CarbonCool® Solutions

The base cooling technology of CarbonCool® is the MPad™ that allows rapid heat exchange between a body and itself. The CarbonCool® System comprises of the MPad™ combined with an intuitively designed pad holder customized to fit its specific application. The simple configuration of the CarbonCool® System is easy to understand and to apply.

CarbonCool® Full Body Suit™ – Targeted Temperature Management (TTM) & heat stroke treatment

CarbonCool® OmniPad™ – Cryotherapy for post-surgical rehabilitation and pain relief

CarbonCool® Comfort Suit V™ & Vest™ – Personal Comfort Cooling for HAZMAT personnel

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