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PowerBeat AED X3

1. Easy to use, clear guidance

The color-screen animated voice guidance of POWER BEAT X3 provides fast, effective and safe preconditions for pre-hospital emergency measures, and guarantees the basic CPR operations of rescuers.

2. Advanced 150J low-energy defibrillation technology

Through a number of experiments to compare the defibrillation effect with the traditional single-phase sine decay (MDS) waveform at 200J and 360J energy levels, it is ensured that the energy of the 150J two-way wave can reduce the chance of ventricular dysfunction.

3. One-key switch between adult/child mode

Reject "adult-only", switch the adult/child mode with one click, and protect the lives of children patients.


4. Remote "smart control" management

Through the terminal data remote management system platform, it provides system dynamic data collection and storage, analysis and maintenance for the AED equipment.

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