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Hamilton Medical


Hamilton Medical

Hamilton Medical is a family-owned business run by the second and third generations of the Hamilton family. Hamilton's primary focus is on the manufacturing, sales, distribution, and service of its wide array of mechanical medical ventilation devices.

 A mechanical ventilator is a machine that helps a patient breathe (ventilate) when they are having surgery or cannot breathe on their own due to a critical illness. The patient is connected to the ventilator with a hollow tube (artificial airway). They remain on the ventilator until they improve enough to breathe on their own. Hamilton also operates an extensive training network to train distributors and medical personnel on the devices it sells.


Hamilton Medical is a dynamic organization with a dedicated team of service, application, and sales specialists. Their team almost exclusively consists of Respiratory Therapists who know the challenges of the customers and the importance of service quality.


Future Focus Solutions & Pharma Co., LTD partners with Hamilton Medical to bring the latest medical ventilation devices to Cambodia's medical community.

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