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Nitrogen Filling Station


Oxywise has a wide range of Nitrogen filling stations used for filling nitrogen cylinders of any size up to 350 bar. Higher pressures on request. Oxywise can supply systems which can fill from 2 to 460 cylinders per day, depending on customers needs.


Nitrogen is produced from compressed treated air by pressure swing adsoprtion (PSA). This method separates nitrogen from other gases in the air under pressure. Oxywise nitrogen generator can reach purity of nitrogen from 95%, up to 99.9995%.


Nitrogen filling stations which we offer consist of air treatment - air compressor, dryer and filtration, along with tanks, nitrogen generator as well as high pressure nitrogen booster and a storage. The filling station is totally automated system and can either be static where gas bottles are permanently manifolded into the application or a traditional cylinder filling station where cylinders are manually loaded and unloaded for use in remote locations.


All components are heavy duty, made for 24 hour-per-day operation.


The high pressure compressor or the gas booster starts & stops based on customer specific parameters. The operation is supervised by control system and when any deviation from specified operation parameters occurs, the system is automatically shut down. The display shows operation data, maintenance information and error indication.


Oxywise nitrogen filling stations have standard features, such as, molecular sieve protection, built-in purity analyzer, robust vessel designed for dynamic pressure loading with stainless steel piping. Apart from them, more options are available. Worth mentioning might be a remote control or ESV - energy saving valve. If you are interested in hearing more, please contact us and we will provide you with details. 

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