Hospital Employees



AiTriage is a privately held healthcare services company thar provides a medical devices and instruments to rapidly assess patients at risk of chronic illness so that doctors can make objective triage decisions quickly to maximize preservation of life..


Canta Medical is a producer of Oxygen Concentrators for hospital and industrial use..

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CarbonCool Solutions is a subsidiary of Global Healthcare SG. They manufacture A versatile, deep cooling pad for cryotherapy to support post-surgical rehabilitation and pain relief..


Infab Radiation Protective Innovation is a manufacture of lead aprons and other protective devices for use in medical radiation and infection control procedures.

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MagVenture Products is the world's premiere manufacturer of TMS Systems (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) for the treatment of chronic of severe depression and other mental health conditions.

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Uv-RER/ANEMO meets all your demands from standard water disinfection units to complete tailor made water disinfection solutions.

UV RER /ANEMO develops and successfully market water purification systems adapted to the production process for the sterilization treatments in pharmacy, chemistry and medical areas.

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