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Oxygen Filling Station Compact


O4FS compact is oxygen filling station built on the skid with one central electric socket enabling quick start up. The unit consists of air compressor, compressed air treatment, oxygen generator, air and oxygen tank, gas booster and filling ramp. All components are already connected in the factory, so no extensive installation is required. The filling capacity of this plant is 12.8 cylinders per day.


  • Transportable

  • Plug & play compact solution

  • All-in-one 

  • Automatic - filling stops when charging is complete

  • Integrated O2 analyzer with alarm function

  • Robust design, piping from Stainless Steel (AISI316)

  •  Pigtail connection according to customer's request

Technical specification

Filling Capacity:


Filling pressure:

Ambient Temperature Range:

Power Consumption:

3.2 Nm3/h

95% (medical grade)

150 bar

5°C – 45°C

5700 W

Locate the plant indoors, in well-ventilated area.

The Process

Pre-treated compressed air enters the active column of the generator and follows up through the molecular sieve. The undesirable gases are being adsorbed while the oxygen passes through to buffer tank. When the pressure is released the molecular sieve completely regenerates and the adsorbed gases are led to exhaust. Oxygen from buffer tank is boosted at high pressure to the filling ramp and cylinders are filled.


The filling station compact is preferred solution in remote areas where commissioning of classic filling station is considered difficult or transportability is needed.

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