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Oxygen Generator

Oxygen generators produce gaseous oxygen from compressed air on site and offer a cost-effective, reliable and safe alternative to traditional oxygen gas supplies such as cylinders or cryogenic liquid. Oxywise Oxygen Generators are available in 20 standard models with capacity ranging from 0,4 to 150 Nm3/hour at 95% purity. The design is made for round the clock 24/7 operation. Each generator is equipped with automatic start&stop function, enabling the generator to start and stop automatically according to the consumption.



Pressure Swing Adsorbtion (PSA) is the most commonly used non-cryogenic oxygen production process; most effective for small and medium capacities. The process operates by using two columns filled with adsorbent, a molecular sieve called Zeolite. Pre-treated compressed air enters the first column and follows up through the Zeolite. Nitrogen and some other gases are being trapped while the oxygen is allowed to flow through. When the active column is saturated, the air flow is directed to second column. The first column depressurizes allowing nitrogen to be purged out to the atmosphere and completely regenerates. The process is repeated continuously, when one column is productive, the other regenerates and at the end of each cycle they switch roles. The generator produces constant flow of purified oxygen.

Technical Specification

Flow rate:


Dew point:

Operating temperature:

0.4 Nm3 / h to 150 Nm3 / h

90% to 95% (based on customer's requirements


5°C -  45°C

Standard Features

  • Control system with SIEMENS colour touch operated panel

  • Automatic start/stop

  • Built in purity analyser for continues monitoring

  • Reliable – built for uninterrupted operation

  • Designed for dynamic pressure loading

  • Robust design, piping from Stainless Steel (AISI316)

  • Data-logging (saved on memory card)


  • Molecular sieve moisture protection 

  • GSM modem  (remote start/stop, status SMS, alarm warning SMS)

  • Flow meter with totalizer

  • Oxygen dew point sensor

  • Temperature sensor

  • Purity and pressure control

  • Audio/visual alarm

  • Modbus TCP/IP connection

  • Remote control

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